Indicators of Risk Assessment and Management in Infrastructure Projects in Palestine


  • Mohammed Mohammed El-Mougher Architecture Eengineering - Palestine University, Program of Crisis and Disaster Management- IUG, Palestine
  • Kamal Mahfuth Tunis El Manar University, Laboratory of Materials, Optimization, and Energy for Sustainability (LAMOED), B.P. 37 Le Belvédère, 1002 Tunis, Tunisia



indicators, assessment, infrastructure, projects, Palestine


This study aims to identify the risks which face the work environment in infrastructure projects in order to reduce them and protect human and material resources also it aims to identify indicators used in the assessment, management, and prevention of risks in infrastructure projects.  Therefore, the study had adopted the analytical descriptive approach, which describes the phenomenon and analyses action taken and adopted in risk management and risk management approach. In infrastructure projects, there's a lack of clear application models in the governmental institutions to implement a national approach for risk management, in addition to the poor knowledge related to risk management sciences. Consequently, the study recommended adapting a comprehensive program to qualify society and companies in the field of risk management and protection and following the national risk management approach in infrastructure projects.


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