Risk Management of Gas Stations that Urban Expansion Crept into in the Gaza Strip.


  • Mohammed Mohammed El-Mougher Palestine University, Program of Crisis and Disaster Management- IUG, Palestine, Director, Security and Safety Management, General Directorate of Palestinian Civil Defence, Gaza.
  • Dr. Sabah A. M. Abu Sharekh Al-Batana University, Researcher in Crisis and Disaster Management, Ministry of Education of Gaza.
  • Mr. Ramzy F. Abu Ali Researcher in Crisis and Disaster Management IUG- Palestine
  • Dr. Eng. Ayed A. M. Zuhud




Keywords: LPG Stations, Facility Correction, Risk Management, Chemical Analysis, Urbanization.


The study aimed to understand and analyze the risks of indiscriminate urbanization around gas stations, the mechanisms for mitigating risks that affect buildings, and the most important risks affecting the surrounding area. The study followed a descriptive and analytical approach using chemical analysis software (ALOHA) to achieve the study objectives. The study found various risks and problems that threaten the community’s safety and security in the Gaza Strip, and the presence of multiple factors that affect the safety system, especially the isolation of tanks that are exposed to the risk of ignition or explosion. It also concluded that the radius of the leakage, ignition, or explosion risks varies depending on the tank size, weather conditions, and the surrounding building density. The study recommended to narrow the gap between science and practical application in the field of safety and security, and also to work on correcting the conditions of gas stations to cohere with the protection of the internal front from accidents and risks of hazardous, flammable, or explosive chemicals.


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El-Mougher, M. M., Abu Sharekh, D. S. A. M., Abu Ali, M. R. F. ., & Zuhud, D. E. A. . A. M. . (2023). Risk Management of Gas Stations that Urban Expansion Crept into in the Gaza Strip. International Journal of Disaster Risk Management, 5(1), 13–27. https://doi.org/10.18485/10.18485/ijdrm.2023.5.1.2