The Role of Al-Shifa Medical Complex Administration in Evacuation & Sheltering Planning


  • Ahmed H. Al-ramlawi Emergency Management- MOH
  • Mohammed M. El-Mougher Evacuation and Emergency Management- IUG
  • Mohammad R. Al-Agha Sustainable Development- IUG



evacuation, sheltering, planning, Al-Shifa Medical Complex, administration, the Gaza strip, Palestine.


The study aimed to Highlight the role of Al-Shifa Medical Complex administration in evacuation and Sheltering Planning, due to the suffering of the Gaza Strip from repeated attacks by the Israeli occupation, and the escalation of such attacks over the past ten years. The researcher used the content analysis method and Descriptive approach to try to collect all the appropriate data for this topic. The researcher relied on several tools: observation (field visits), personal interviews with stakeholders, risk analysis of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex. The results showed that Quick response in implementing evacuation mechanisms is a critical element in the success of the plan and saving the lives, and showed that planning for evacuations and sheltering is among the priorities of Al-Shifa Complex Administration and the General Administration of Hospitals and that Al-Shifa Complex Administration had prepared a comprehensive evacuation plan and it is developed annually. However, the study found that no maneuver was conducted that simulate activation of the plan for all the working staff in the complex, due to several reasons, and also showed that risk analysis contributes to enhancing preparedness for crisis and disasters, and improving response level to any risk that may occur in future. The study recommends the necessity of forming an internal emergency committee specialized in crisis, disasters, and emergency management and activating it permanently to enhance preparedness level, implementing maneuvers that simulate the evacuation, sheltering, and isolation of major hospitals by standard and modern methods, Developing and strengthening of working staff capabilities in emergency and evacuation management.


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Al-ramlawi, A. H., El-Mougher, M. M., & Al-Agha, M. R. (2021). The Role of Al-Shifa Medical Complex Administration in Evacuation & Sheltering Planning. International Journal of Disaster Risk Management, 2(2), 19–36.