Environmental Planning for Disaster Risk Reduction at Kaduna International Airport, Kaduna Nigeria


  • Abdullahi Hussaini Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Kaduna International Airport, Kaduna




Environmental Planning, Disaster Risk Reduction, Airport, ICAO, FAAN


The compatibility of an airport with its environs can be achieved by proper environmental control and planning of the airport, control of pollution-generating sources, and land use planning of the area surrounding the airport are paramount if disasters are to be averted or reduced to the acceptable standard. This study was carried out to assess the compliance to standards of the activities relating to environmental control and planning at Kaduna International Airport as contained in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other Airport regulations Guidelines. The objectives including assessing the environmental impact associated with aviation activities, assessing environmental consequence and control measures and assessing land use planning at the Airport. The Airport Environmental Management Handbook, Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) Hand book, ICAO Documents, Maps and other relevant information were consulted. Questionnaires were distributed and percentage distribution was used in analyzing the objectives. Results from this study has shown an acceptable level of compliance in Environmental Planning by the relevant authority of Kaduna International Airport. The results from this study will be useful to FAAN, ICAO and other relevant Agencies in enhancing Environmental Control and Planning at Airports for Disaster Risk Reduction.


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